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               STRANGER IN LONDON



A masterpiece novel of all time and a scintillating thriller up to the last page that will keep you seated/reading till the end.

The story of a young man who thought he had all it takes to breakthrough the odds but he lacked ............

"The young man is a big fool.lf only he knew, he would have chosen a morally sound lifestyle" - John Ebong.


1. *The Genesis*.

(2). *Veering Off Course*.

3. *Survival Instincts At Play*.

4. *The Mafia Instinct Of The Stranger Is                      Aroused*.

5. *And The Game Deepens*.

6. *Seemingly A Bed Of Roses*.

7. *Has The End Justifies The Means*.

Perhaps, one of the most exciting and entertaining drug mafia action-packed novel as commented by reviewers who are critics in the publishing and entertainment industry.

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(Chapter 2) **VEERING OFF COURSE**

Meanwhile, Livitel who was in his hotel room was very busy perfecting his plans for the trip and devising the smartest way to beat the security network at the Airports. He had earlier purchased two suitcases of similar type and size with other items. He packed the oversized clothes, shoes, and sundry personal effects, into one of the suitcases. He went to where he concealed the drug, picked it up and carefully hid it in the suitcase with oversized items. He packed his original documents bearing his name, his clothes and shoes of his size in the other suitcase. Satisfied with his preparations, he walked out of the hotel room and headed straight to the British Embassy. 


Livitel arrived at the departure hall of Murtala Mohammed International Airport. After sizing up other fellow travellers for a while, he put his already mapped out plan into action. He walked up to one elderly man, Mr Adebola, with his two identical suitcases. He had noticed that the old man had little or no luggage with him.

“Good day sir”, he greeted Mr Adebola politely.

“Good afternoon, young man”, Mr Adebola responded, wondering what he wanted. “Please sir, could you kindly help me to check-in one of my suitcases. Since you don't have much with you. I am carrying excess luggage”, he pleaded.

“You are entitled to only 30 kilograms of luggage”

“Yes sir, I know, but I do have over 30 kilos. Please sir, assist me”. “Okay, young man, so long as yours won’t make mine exceed the official limit”.

They walked to the check-in counter and met the Airline staff, Mr Patrick.

“Let me weigh your things sir”, Patrick offered, with the air of |officialdom written all over his face.

“Here you are. Just these two”, said Mr Adebola. Livitel placed on the scale the suitcase packed with the oversized personal effects, fake documents and the drug. Both weighed 18.98kg. Patrick wrote it down on Adebola's flight ticket.

“Please take them out”, the Airline staff said.

“Thanks”, was Adebola's polite response.

“Please wait for the customs clearance”, Patrick further added. He; tagged Mr Adebola's bag including the suitcase Livitel gave to him and handed over the tag, boarding pass and ticket. Adebola collected the tag, boarding pass and ticket after which Mr Sampson, the customs officer came over.

“Sir, please open up your bags”, Sampson ordered. Because Mr.: Adebola was an elderly man, the officer was under the wrong impression that Livitel might be his son. He didn't search the luggage properly. 

“Sir, you can go”, the customs officer told the old man.

“Thanks”, was Adebola’s response as he moved on. He handed over Livitel’s tag for his suitcase.

“Thanks a lot, sir. We will meet in the Aircraft or London”, Livitel told him gratefully.

Livitel placed his other suitcase on top of the weighing scale and it weighed 14kg. “Wait for the customs clearance”, Patrick told him. As the customs officer came over to him, Livitel opened his suitcase and the officer, Mr. Sampson, searched it thoroughly.

"You can close it back”, Sampson said.

“Thanks”, Livitel retorted. He closed the suitcase and walked away towards the boarding gate. The trip was smooth as they arrived at the London Airport barely six hours later. Livitel picked up suitcase with the drugs and oversized personal effects. He tore the tag off the drug suitcase but kept the tag of the other clean suitcase inside his wallet. As he walked towards the exit of the Airport to look out for a cab, his movement and composure betrayed the fact that he was indeed a stranger in London. It was his lack of confidence and composure, as a stranger at that point that attracted the attention of the two Airport security detectives who were standing by looking intently at the arrivals. One of them quickly walked up to Livitel.

“Sir, please may I see your International passport and flight ticket?”, demanded Louis, the detective.

“Sure! Here you are”, Livitel replied, sounding confident. He handed them over to Louis.

“I believe you arrived on this flight from Lagos-Nigeria?”

“Yes, any problem?”

“Please, over to this place”, Louis ordered politely, pointing to a room beside them. They walked over to the room and were joined by the other detective, Eugene.

“Please sir, open up your suitcase”, Eugene, the second detective said,

"Alright sir”, Livitel responded with an unsteady voice. His heart was pounding faster than was normal as he knew the drugs were in the suitcase. He knew he was in a tight jam and therefore needed to use his brains. He started by pretending to be opening the suitcase with the number that ooens his other clean suitcase. It couldn’t open.

"What are you doing?” demanded Eugene, beginning to get more suspicious. He was an experienced Airport detective who has had several similar encounters with seemingly innocent-looking young men from Nigeria and other parts of the world. The young man before him was in no way different, even though he looked innocent.

"I am opening the box with its number, but it can't open. I wonder what’s wrong with it”, Livitel's brains were working overtime to enable him to wriggle out of this jam.

"And that’s your suitcase?” Louis queried with a sneer on his face! “Sure! Positive”. Livitel continued pretending to be trying to open the box. “I'm afraid, it can’t open”, Livitel said finally.

The two detectives exchanged knowing glances, and then Eugene said, “This suitcase is yours, Mr Livitel?”

“Very sure, officer, it's mine”.

Louis took out a piece of paper from his pocket and asked Livitel to read the contents and sign same, “please sign here”. 

Livitel looked at the paper, took it and read. It was an authority from him, if signed, giving the detectives a go-ahead to break the box open. But in it also was a provision that if nothing incriminating was found therein, the damages will be paid for by the officers. He sgned it and the detectives went ahead to break the suitcase open. They thoroughly and meticulously searched the suitcase and found the heroine inside it.

That's good Louus, are you with me ?" Eugene said after the discovery, happy with themselves for having done a good job. “That's why he forgot his box number deliberately”, Louis sneered. “Young man, you are under arrest. I suppose you know your rights”, Eugene said seriously.

"No problems. Please get me a lawyer" Livitel responded, continuing to act innocent.

“Very well! The lawyer will prevent you from going to jail for the possession of heroin and trying to smuggle same into London,” Eugene told him acidly.

After some days in detention, necessary contacts were made and a smart intelligent lawyer was consulted for the defence of Livitel who was to be charged to court for the illegal criminal offence of possession of heroin and attempting to snuggle  same into London. The lawyer, Mr. Paschal, met with Livitel at the appointed time and place of his detention.

"Please, tell me the whole truth regarding this matter so as to enable me see what I can do to help you”, began Paschal when they met.

"You see, it’s just a venture. I checked in two suitcases, one is still in the arrival hall, I believe. That one is clean with my original documents, clothes and other personal effects. This one they caught me with is the second one which contains oversize clothes, fake documents and other items deliberately packed in it to conceal the drugs. I used someone to check-in the box. The weight is 18.9kg and is written on the man's flight ticket but my own ticket which the airport security detectives are now with has the weight of my clean luggage written on it, and it is 14kg. This clean box might be in the left-luggage room right now.

However, I'm not the one who broke the box in which the heroin was found, it was the detectives who did that as I pretended I couldn't open it when they caught me and needed to search the suitcase”. Paschal nodded understandingly and said, “In other words, you wanted to try your luck and see if you could succeed entering with the suitcase containing the heroin, Thereafter you will go back for the clean box and claim it”.

Exactly the plan”, Livitel admitted truthfully. As he was telling his story, the lawyer, Paschal was looking out for loop-holes which could work in his favour. Having found some, lie concluded the interview and told Livitel, “I will meet you in the court room,” and left to prepare for the defence.

On the day the matter was brought as charged before the court; Pascal’s defence was hinged on the technical loopholes that a layman may have over looked. The matter was before Justice Brine and Paschal’s defence ran thus, “It is necessary to prove the innocence of my client, the defendant, regarding the charge of possession of heroin and attempting to smuggle same into London. My Lord, the suitcase allegedly owned by him in which the drugs were found was not opened by the defendant but was forcefully broken open by the airport detectives. Agreed, the defendant accepted ownership of the suitcase and thus signed the authority to break same open when he couldn't open it with the number, yet it points to the fact that he knew truly well that he had nothing to do with hard drugs and that there was none in his suitcase. He signed the authorization to break the box open because he knew he had no incriminating item inside the box. And now my Lord, before this honourable court, this is his flight ticket which was tendered by the prosecutor. The weight of his luggage as written on this ticket is 14kg. My Lord, may we know, before this open court, the weight of the suitcase in which the heroin was found”.

"Please court clerk, put the suitcase on the scale before this court and let's know what it weighs”, the Judge demanded.

The suitcase weighed 17.9kg before the open court as was seen by all, “17,9kg, thanks. "Could you please take out the clothes, shoes and other personal items in that suitcase?”, the lawyer ordered the court clerk. The court clerk took out the items as ordered before the glare of the jury and people in the gallery in the open court room. Paschal walked to where the items were and picked up a few clothes and documents, cross-checked them with Livitel's documents and then turned to address the court, the jury and the Judge. “My Lord, the heroin weighs 1kg and if added to the weight of this suitcase it will amount to 18.9kg as indicated. It's important to state before this honourable court that these documents found in this suitcase bear a different name from that of the defendant, my client, and even the shoes, clothes and other personal effects are of bigger sizes and cannot fit the defendant. They appear to be for an elderly person. In other words, this suitcase containing the drugs is not my client’s box. He might have mistaken this box for his own and I want to hazard a guess that the owner of this box might still be looking for it at the airport and my client’s actual suitcase might still be in the left-luggage room at the Airport.

At this juncture, Judge Brine ordered that the case be stood-down and that the court clerk should proceed immediately with one of  the detectives to the airport left luggage room and search through all the left luggage that arrived on the day of the incident with the same flight.

They came back to the court room later with a similar-looking suitcase which indeed was the second clean suitcase Livitel checked in. The suitcase was tendered before the open court and the Judge continued with the matter thus, “Before this honourable court is another suitcase similar to this one the heroin was found in. Please counsel, continue with your defence”.

“Thank you, my Lord. It would be necessary to have this second similar suitcase weighed in this open court”, Paschal continued. “Court clerk, please weigh this suitcase”, Judge Brine ordered. The box was weighed and the scale showed 14kg.  

14kg. thank you. My Lord, before this honourable court, here is my client's flight ticket and in it is written the weight of his suitcase ŕwhich isthe same as the weight of this box, 14kg.

This indeed, was the suitcase the defendant checked in as his own”,   said  Paschal. The flight ticket was then tendered for the Judge and the jury to look at and confirm. That done, Judge Brine said, “ counsel, please ask your client to come over and open this suitcase to prove to us all that this is his suitcase and not the one he was caught with”. “Mr Livitel, could you please come over and see if you can open this suitcase before the court”, the lawyer asked his client. Livitel came out of the dock and walked to where the box was kept in the open court before the glare of everybody in the court. He fiddled with the original number and got the suitcase open. The jury and lookers at the gallery exchanged glances and there were hushed murmurs and noises in the court. Judge Brine quieted everybody by knocking the gavel on his table and then said, “Is that your box?” “Yes, my Lord,” Livitel answered.

"Go back into the dock”, the judge ordered Livitel. Livitel walked back into the dock. Paschal, his Lawyer went over to the suitcase that he has just opened, took out a few documents, clothes and personal effects and then addressed the court thus, “My Lord, here we are. The documents here with me bear the name of my client, the defendant, the clothes are his size and the weight of the suitcase is 14kg as written on his flight ticket. I humbly rest my case and submission “

The member of the jury put their heads together, and had a tete-a-tete and came to a conclusive decision which they pronounced thus, “Not guilty as charged”.

Judge Brine now continued, “From the evidence so far adduced before this honourable court, it’s obvious that the defendant Mr Livitel, knew nothing about the suitcase containing the heroin and because of the similarity of the suitcases, must have innocently mistaken the one containing the drugs to be his own. His inability to open the first suitcase at the airport and his ability to easily open the second suitcase in this court are clear pointers to his innocence. He is therefore hereby found not guilty as charged and is discharged and acquitted. Court! ” He knocked his gavel on his table, stood up and turned to get into his chambers with other members of the jury. The court was filled with people who had witnessed the proceedings. They all now began to noisily exchange their views and impressions of the just-concluded case. Paschal and Livitel together walked outside the courtroom and shook hands. Livitel embraced the lawyer, expressing his gratitude emotionally. “Livitel, you were such a terrific client and witness. Would you like me to file a suit claiming damages for the embarrassment?” “No need. It’s alright, let’s forget that for now because I am a total stranger in London.

Please kindly tell me, how do people get jobs in this country of yours?” Livitel asked, to the surprise of Paschal who felt that he was indeed a never-say-die and forward-looking optimist. Here is a young man he has just assisted to extricate himself from a; serious jam he got himself into, he thought, and the next moment he was already asking about how to get a job to help him survive, in a country where he was a total stranger. These young Africans were really good materials for a case study on survival. instincts.

"You said job centres?” Livitel asked.

“Oh yes! There are plenty of them in town. One is just by that corner”, Paschal replied, pointing in the direction it was located. “Thanks a great deal for getting me out of this mess. I will get in touch with you sooner than later”, Livitel told him, pleased and grateful for a great job done by the lawyer.

Do have a nice day and here’s wishing you the best of luck”, Paschal said.

The End Of Chapter 2.

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