WELCOME TO LIVELY DIGITAL WORLD TECHNOLOGIES. Our vision is to impart the knowledge and benefit of opening a "Digital Market Shop" in every business owner worldwide. Many people's businesses seems like they are in the hiding, denying most of them contacts with customers unknown to them who might be interested in buying what they sell or need their services. Don't depend only on the people you know who live around you or in the residential city where you live for your business success. The world we live in today has gone digital. It is time for you to also upgrade your business and go digital, expand and let the world see what you deal on. What every serious businessman/woman needs to do now inorder to upgrade, expand and pull more customers to their businesses is to join "Digital World Market" and open a "Digital Market Shop". When you open a "Digital Market Shop", it will expose your business to be seen and known everywhere, thereby linking you to a great number of people or customers who might be interested in buying what you are selling. Do you know why many companies promote/advertise their goods/products/services? They do so simply to reach out to a great number of people and pull more customers to their businesses. With "Digital Market Shop" you can reach out to a lot of people in your city, state, country and beyond. It is not difficult to open a "Digital Market Shop". What you need to do is just pay us the PROMO 50% Discount fee (N5,000.00 Only). Then, scan/send your business complimentary card or flyer with the samples of your goods or services to our WhatsApp line and consider the job done. This PROMO 50% fee for "Digital Market Shop" is just to give every business owner the opportunity to go digital. Let us open a "Digital Market Shop" for your business to be seen and known everywhere in-order to upgrade, expand and pull more customers to the business nationwide. You can use your "Digital Market Shop" link page as your website to connect/reach out to people worldwide. Also, our website packages 50% PROMO fees ends Dec., 2021. Dotcom N30k. Dotcom.ng N20k. Blogspot.com N10k and Digital Market Shop N5k. For residents outside Nigeria, pay only $60.00 for Dotcom. $20.00 for Blogspot.com and $10.00 for Digital Market Shop. PAYMENT DETAILS: Bank Name: UBA. Account Number: 1024436073. Account Name: Lively Digital World Technologies. DON'T MISS THIS GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY! Take advantage of our PROMO 50% fees now to upgrade, expand and pull more customers to your businesses nationwide. Contact us: Tel./Whatsapp: +2348142644114. +234808945804. FOR ENTREPRENEURS, BUSINESS MEN/WOMEN ONLY: Do you have a new business name that you want to register? Or Do you want to incorporate a company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria? Quickly contact us for the digital registration and prompt express delivery of the registration documents (Hard Copy) to you in less than 5 working days. Contact us now -Tel./Whatsapp: +2348142644114 - +2348089458045. Email: livelydigitalworld@gmail.com . Reading this article will not guarantee your desired results in business but by obedience to advice to do what you have been adviced to do, like the fishermen, Jesus said to them, launch your net in the deep. After complaining, they obeyed the instruction. MAY YOU HAVE SUCH OUTCOME THAT HAPPENED BECAUSE OF THEIR OBEDIENCE TO LAUNCH THEIR NET IN THE DEEP! HOW TO INCREASE YOUR VALUE " ...the Word was of NO VALUE to them because they didn't combine it with faith"- Hebrews 4:12 The reason you're still the way you are is because you have not taken Practical ACTION Steps on the word of God or advice that you have heard. It's not information alone that brings transformation, it's the right APPLICATION of the information that matters most... What does it means to combine or to mix the word of God or advice with faith? It means ACTION! Acting on the Word or Advice, taking steps gingered by the Word, being quicken by the ever efficacious covenant word to do something! It's not jotting down the word of God or Advice that heals the sick, it's diving at it and working it out with willingness and absolute obidience... Stop procrastination, delaying and suffering, start stepping up and stepping out of your comfort zone, allow the word of God and advice to move you and sometimes, don't wait until the iron is red before you hit or beat it, beat it and continue beating it until it turns red, that way you can turn your challenges into Miracles! God Bless You! As you know, life gives chances of success to everyone but it is only those who take those chances that makes the most out of life. Develop a "WEBSITE" or open a "Digital Market Shop" with us.


DIGITAL WORLD MARKET"! (DEVELOP A "WEBSITE" WITH US AND OPEN A "DIGITAL MARKET SHOP" FOR YOUR BUSINESS TO BE SEEN AND KNOWN NATIONWIDE/BEYOND IN ORDER TO EXPAND AND PULL MORE CUSTOMERS TO YOUR BUSINESS). Life gves chances of success to everyone but it is only those who take those chances that makes the most out of life. THIS PROMO WEBSITE FEES ENDS DECEMBER 2021. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR "PROMO" FEES NOW TO ENJOY: N30k Your business name dotcom. N20k Your business name dotcom.ng. N10k Your business name dotblogspot.com Or N5k for opening only a "Digital Market Shop" Site for your business. (ANY OF THE WEBSITE PACKAGES QUALIFIES YOU TO OPEN A DIGITAL MARKET SHOP WITHOUT ANY FURTHER PAYMENT). The Hidden Truth That Every Serious Business Owner Should Know And Do. Don't accept any limitation to your business progress & success. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS INNOVATON TO UPGRADE YOUR BUSINESS AND OPEN A "DIGITAL MARKET SHOP". Our services/contacts Tel./Whatsapp Lines: +2348142644114, +2348089458045. Please, read carefully all the messages below because the information uncovered here will open your knowledge and give you a new mindset towards moving your business forward. HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OR WONDERED WHY MANY COMPANIES AND ORGANISATIONS OPEN WEBSITES FOR THEIR BUSINESSES? MOST OF THE LEADING BUSINESSES/BILLIONAIRES ACROSS THE WORLD TODAY ARE INTO DIGITAL MARKET BUSINESS AND PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE GLOBE EITHER USE THEIR SEVICES OR BUY WHAT THEY MARKET. AND IT IS THE NUMBER OF CLIENTS/CUSTOMERS YOU HAVE/THE PROFIT YOU EARN/MAKE FROM THEM THAT DETERMINE THE LEVEL OF YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS. IF YOU ARE NOT MAKING USE OF THE 21ST CENTURY INFO TO MOVE YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD, THEN YOU ARE STAGNANT OR GOING BACKWARD! You Need A "Digital Market Shop" with full description of your business showing your biusiness complimentary card/flyer/goods/products/services which is totally different from opening or having a social media network account. THE SUCCESS, RICHES, WEALTH AND YOUR DESIRED FUTURE TOTALLY DEPENDS ON THE VOLUME OF CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS/THOSE WHO PATRONISE YOU THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO ATTRACT TO YOUR BUSINESS. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SUCCESS AND FAILURE IS THAT THE SUCCESS HAS A LOT OF CUSTOMERS, SELLING AND MAKING MORE PROFIT WHILE THE FAILURE DOES NOT HAVE MANY CUSTOMERS AND DO NOT SELL MUCH. "DIGITAL WORLD MARKET" OPENS THE DOOR FOR A GREATER NUMBER OF PEOPLE WITHIN NIGERIA AND BEYOND TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BUSINESSES/SERVICES WHERE EVER YOU ARE. DON'T DEPEND ONLY ON THE CUSTOMERS YOU KNOW OR THAT LIVE AROUND YOU OR PASS ACROSS YOUR SHOP, OFFICE, MARKET, PLAZA, ETC. FOR YOUR BUSINESS PROGRESS AND SUCCESS. IF YOU ARE NOT MAKING USE OF THE WIDE ONLINE BUSINESS CONNECTIONS IN THIS ERA OF DIGITAL WORLD (GLOBAL VILLAGE), THEN YOUR BUSINESS IS MISSING BEING CONNECTED WITH A LOT OF CUSTOMERS WHO ARE UNKNOWN TO YOU NATIONWIDE AND WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN BUYING GOODS/PRODUCTS DIRECTLY FROM YOU AFTER SEEING YOUR DIGITAL MARKET SHOP AND THE SAMPLES OF YOUR GOODS/PRODUCTS. JOIN "DIGITAL WORLD MARKET" TODAY TO ATTRACT MORE CUSTOMERS TO YOUR BUSINESS AND START SELLING YOUR GOODS/PRODUCTS ONLINE. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS SIMPLY ALLOW US TO DEVELOP A "WEBSITE" FOR YOUR BUSINESS OR OPEN A "DIGITAL MARKET SHOP". THEN GIVE US YOUR COMPLIMENTARY/BUSINESS CARD OR FLYER AND SAMPLES OF YOUR GOODS/PRODUCTS TO ENABLE US BUILD A "DIGITAL MARKET SHOP" FOR YOUR BUSINESS AND BRING/UPLOAD IT INTO "DIGITAL WORLD MARKET" SITE FOR THAT HEAVY LIFTING PROMOTIONS/ADVERTISEMENTS THROUGH THE SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS ie FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, ETC!. *READ POWERFUL INFORMATION REVEALED THIS 21ST CENTURY TO MOVE YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD*. "Be careful how you think for out of it are the issues of life" - Proverbs 4 vs 23. EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS TO ATTRACT MORE CUSTOMERS NATIONWIDE. The level of success you desire in life is determined by the changes and decisions you take today. Change is constant. Be proactive and respond to the changing world. The world we live in is going digital with such speed that if you don't join the movement now, you will be left behind. Take the most important proactive decision today and grab "Digital World Market" to expand/attract more customers to your business/service worldwide. The success, riches, wealth and your desired future totally depends on the volume of customers/clients you are able to attract to your business or to whatever you do. The difference between success and failure is that the success has a lot of customers/clents and selling more, therefore making a lot of profits and the failure doesn't have a lot of customers to sell to and make more profits. "Digital World Market" opens the door for a greater number of people to know about your business/service. When the banking industry introduced ATM cards for digital services, many people thought it was not going to work out but today, virtually everybody have keyed into it and are using it for more convenient transactions. In the real world, you expand by adding more locations. In the digital world, you expand by having a great idea and a memorable web name. "If you don't have a high profile, memorable, easy-to-spell and brandable web address for your business, you will find it more difficult to compete and make money on and off the Internet as the century progresses. We encourage you to take advantage of this 21st century and computer-age digitalization process which we offer you through our "Website" packages (PROMO FEES: N40k Your business name dotcom - N30k Your business name dotcom.ng - N20k Your business name dotblogspot.com Or N10k for developing a Digital Market Shop for your business) to expand and get more customers to your businesses. These packages now gives every business an opportunity to build a website proving that you are current and not left behind in the 21st century business info that connects the world as a global village and moves businesses forward. Do you know that many people/customers are searching for businesses like yours on the Internet, Google search and Map, etc? Despite affording you a "Website" of your own, your business complimentary card/flyer and samples of your goods/products will be uploaded and constantly appear inside "Digital World Market" site for that exceptionally wide-reaching promotion advertisement across your state, Nigeria and worldwide. This offers you the irresistible opportunity to grab your own fair share of the market which consists of about 2 to 6 million people in every state of Nigeria, 198 million people nationwide and 6 billion people worldwide. One business connection/transaction from a customer new to you will fetch you much more than the amount you paid for your website/bringing your business into "Digital World Market". Now, get a "WEBSITE" to expand and attract more customers to your business all over Nigeria/beyond. It is a simple process because you don't have to worry coming to our office. Just Contact Us Via WhatsApp: 08142644114 and pay for any of the "Website" packages. Then attach/send your business complimentary card to us via WhatsApp line: 08142644114 with samples of your goods/products and consider your "Website" job done. Our web designers with Google Team will launch your website to be seen worldwide within 5 working days depending on the package you purchased. PAYMENT DETAILS: Make Payment With Cash Deposit Or Via Mobile Transfer - ATM Or POS To: Zenith Bank Plc. Account Number: 1007501727. OR First Bank Plc. Account Number: 3048589092. Account Name: Livinus Onyekwulunne (Livon). Imagine a world whereby every business owns a "Website" and also your "Digital Market Shop" will be seen and known with the description of your business/service inside "Digital World Market" for that heavy lifting advertisements/promotions where thousands/millions of people nationwide/beyond visit the blog for business transactions. Join the global village now to expand/attract more customers to your business. We want to use this medium to appreciate all the corporate bodies (Companies) who believed in us to develop their business websites and uploaded them into Digital World Market Site. May the Almighty God open more doors and attract more customers to your businesses (Rev. 3 vs 8). PLEASE, NOTE THAT BRINGING YOUR BUSINESS INTO "DIGITAL WORLD MARKET" (ie DIGITAL MARKET SHOP) IS DIFFERENT FROM DEVELOPING A FULL WEBSITE FOR YOUR BUSINESS. THANKS A LOT AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL ABUNDANTLY!!

Digital World Market Team.

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Limited marketing staff are needed within the commercial citues of Nigeria with "fabulous" commission up to N10,000.00 or more every day.

This vacancy is only for those with NCE, OND, HND, BA, BSC.

A Big Congratulations In Advance To You Marketers when Your CV Is Considered/Apprlaved To Start Work.

Please, send your CV to us through WhatsApp: +2348142644114.

Digital World Market Team.
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